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Want to learn Enochian, but it all just seems so confusing??? Not getting results using those "spirit summoning for dummies" books? You'll need a great teacher for that, and you've found one!

Enochian, Goetia, Skrying and more!

Sterling silver Ring of Solomon

Perfect for talismans or spirit seals

Blank metal discs! Copper, steel, tin, lead, silver, brass

Engraved Spirit Seals!

Are you terrible with an engraver? Every good spirit deserves a proper seal!
Get a real seal and feel the difference that a stone or metal disc makes that has been made by a true practitioner of the art!


Various antique or older pieces created into talismans or already magical.

9' Goetia Circle on canvas or silk!

If you want to properly practice Solomonic magic and call the spirits of the art, you'll need one of these.
Highly recommended for serious practitioners! 9' With snake $849.99 no snake $699.99

Break-up Powder!

Want your ex back? Interested in someone that's already taken? You'll need some of this ;) $19.99


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I hand make all of my own perfumes, colognes and oils from only pure essential oils, roots and herbs. Well OK sometimes there is the odd gemstone thrown in as well :). I do not use any extraneus ingredients or fillers. I also do not use any synthetics. All colognes, perfumes and oils are in a 1/2 oz bottle (about twice as large as those little health food store essential oil bottles) unless otherwise stated.

There seems to be a current trend of everyone wanting spell powders in oil form, or oils to use with spells. However not all powders work well as an oil version, some things are best sprinkled, and other things are best burned as an incense. I don't sell oil or perfume versions of a product that is better used as a powder or incense. I know many people prefer convenience, and an oil is easy to spread on a candle. However, I personally prefer results.

These are only a small sample of the magick oils we carry, if you do not see what you need please inquire.

We only use 100% pure essential oils and herbs. No synthetics are used! No fillers!

All oils and tinctures listed here come in 1/2oz bottles (about double the size of those little ones with essential oils in them).

Abramelin oil French version $29.99. This is the actual oil made by steeping the herbs in oil as it should be done, not the cheap short cut version of just adding essential oils to olive oil.

Abramelin oil German version $29.99. This is the actual oil made by steeping the herbs in oil as it should be done, not the cheap short cut version of just adding essential oils to olive oil. Please note when ordering there is a 1 month waiting period on this oil presently.

Ambergris tincture $60

Beelzebuth oil $39.99

Blessing oil $29.99

Command oil $29.99
To command another to do your will on a certain request or area that you desire. Excellent for dressing candles or direct contact.

Confusion charm oil $39.99

Athena's special cursing oil $49.99

Custom made magical Oils or Colognes 19.99

Daemon oil for use with the stone phalus $49.99

Daemon oil, if there is a specific Daemon you would like an annointing oil of, just ask and I'll see if I have the recipe :) $39.99

Fast Luck Oil $29.99
To bring more luck into your life. Good for wearing, dressing your wallet, or dressing a candle.

Flauros annointing oil $39.99

Glamour Oil $29.99
To increase your attractiveness to others. Very good for late night dates or bars.

Hex Breaking oil $29.99
To break up nasty shit put on you.

High John oil $29.99

LHP Oil $29.99
For darker magics.

Lodestone Drawing Oil $29.99
For dressing candles, money and so on to draw more to you.

Love Oil $29.99
To draw love from others to you, can be directed to a specific target if dressing a candle with it.

Lucifer oil $39.99

Lust cologne with an ambergris base. This is an ambgris cologne which has other scents added to make it smell irrisistably wonderful $60

Lust cologne with a musk base. This is a musk cologne which has other scents added to make it smell irrisistably wonderful $60

Lust perfume (to attract a man) $99.99

Lust perfume (to attract a woman) $99.99

Mandrake oil (you must email me first to order this) $39.99

Money Drawing Oil $29.99
To bring more money and money luck to you. Great for dressing your wallet or candles.

Musk tincture, pure musk, only musk and alcohol aged one and a half years. $50 for 1/2 oz.

Vegetarian Musk $29.99
Has the same properties and aroma as animal musk without the harming of animals or the extremely high cost.

Necromancy oil $49.99

Peace oil $29.99

Power oil (my recipe) $39.99
To boost the overall ability of the worker and the work.

Reversing oil: $39.99
Return to sender most things that head in your direction. Can be placed about your house, or worn as a charm or used as an oil to be worn.

Spiritual Drawing Oil $29.99
This is a very solar oil and is used for drawing a large amount of spiritual energy to yourself. Great for meditation or uniting with the Divine.

Statue annointing oil $39.99

Tiger Oil $39.99
To increase beauty and draw lovers to you. Pomade for hair.

Uncrossing Oil $29.99

Van van cologne $29.99

Van van oil $29.99
An excellent uncrossing and cleansing product. Immediate banishing.


All handmade, no fillers.
Instructions for use provided with your order.
Spell Powders are 1/2 oz volume per tin packaged in round metal tins with a decorative label.
Bulk Amounts Available by the pound or in packs of 10.

Banishing powder $29.99

Breakup powder $29.99
To cause strife in a love life

Bring in Business from your products To bring business to your store or website $29.99

Compel powder $29.99
To have someone do your command

Devil Dust (for luck) $29.99

Easy Life powder $29.99
To simply make life easier

Fast Luck powder $29.99
To bring luck into your life or gambling

Fear Not Cross Over Evil / Run Defil Run $29.99

Hexing powder $39.99
To harm your enemy

Hex Breaking powder $29.99
Dispelling work others have put on you

g Foot Powder $99.99
To have someone leave town

Love powder $29.99
For greater feelings of love and to draw love energy towards you

Lust powder $29.99
To get that g naked date!

Money Drawing powder $29.99
To bring money your way

More hours at work powder $29.99
Self explanetory

Reversing powder $29.99

Smoking Ghost Powder $29.99

Venido powder(come to me)$39.99

YES!!!!! We now carry talcum powder, arrowroot powder, and cornstarch in convenient 1 oz sizes for those of our customers used to buying their supplies elsewhere.

Spell Powders are a traditional component for magical workings of many different paths.

Wiccans may prefer to sprinkle them on or around minor candle workings for extra affectiveness.

Ceremonial magicians might choose to use them as a convenient materia magica which can be further tuned to the specific situation via full ritual work.

Shamans can blow them in the faces of annoying totem animals from other tribes..

Hindu siddhas can use them as a tasty and unusual spice addidtion to curries..

Hoodoo, Voodoo and Santeria practitioners will already be familiar with their use for sprinkling paths or lights.

Whatever way you choose to use them, the powders are made from carefully chosen ingredients of the highest quality, known and respected for their magical virtues by traditional sources from Albertus Magnus to Folk Magic. Try some and feel the difference quality makes.


We only use 100% pure roots, herbs and sometimes essential oils. No synthetics are used!

These are only a small sample of the magick baths we carry, if you do not see what you need please inquire.


Aura Repair Bath $29.99
To bring one's energy body back into tune. Great for after graveyard work, an illness or arguements.

Glamour Bath $39.99
Perfect bath to have before that night out. Works wonders; brings out the best of your sexy traits.

Money Drawing Bath $29.99
This is the bath to use when you are desperatly broke and don't know where your next cheque is coming from. Works VERY well!

Necromancy After Graveyard work Bath $39.99
Excellent bath for getting anything off of you that followed you home, as well as an energy body repair.

Road Opening Bath $49.99
To open the road and make way for new opportunities to come in. Burns off a lot of old shit as well.

Uncrossing Bath basic $29.99
A 3 day cologne bath to get rid of any extra unwanted crap.

Uncrossing Bath extra strength $39.99
When other uncrossings just don't work.

Discliamer: I am a practicing magician, however all products and services are technically for novelty use only.
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